Tickets are distributed through www.worldiconpass.com Worldiconpass.com is the official retailer of meet the world icons admission tickets. Visitor are warned not to buy tickets from unknown sources as we will not guarantee their authenticity.

Wax and Silicone figures are very popular worldwide, most of its events have been sold out, we advise our customers to purchase tickets in advance in order to avoid disappointments on the day, because of venue capacity we are forced to have limited numbers of visitors for each event day. If you do not have tickets until the event day you will have no access.

No! Your ticket is only valid for the dates and times on the tickets.

Yes, there is ample parking at the venue, unless communicated for specific venues

The event is hosted both indoor, please come prepared for any weather conditions.

Credit, debit cards and cash, are all accepted.

Yes, we have food stalls.

Pets are not allowed

This will all depends on you, Approximately 45 minutes to an hour to walk through lights, excluding all the activities.

At least 90 to 100 percent of the venues are wheel chair accessible.

Meet the world icons event organisers do allow photographers to make photos or videos for personal use on social media etc.

As a way of preserving our exhibits we do not allow visitors to touch the exhibits as they are highly fragile and can deteriorate very quickly. Our mandate is to bring the experience to every child and family across South Africa.

Images that we use on our website and facebook page are images from similar events around the world, some of the images are purchased online and some are provided by the equipment suppliers.